Used Tire Disposal Services

Discover easy ways to make money on your used tires!

used tire disposal service

Does your company generate high tread used tires or dealer take-offs?

Are you currently paying to have these items removed from your locations?

We offer two used tire disposal services that are targeted towards dealerships with strict CPO programs (which can generate high tread used tires and used wheels that need to be appropriately disposed of).

Stop wasting your money on paying for the disposal of such items and simply choose from either of our convenient tire disposal programs. Please note, these programs are only offered in the state of California.

The Revenue Program


Used Tire Garage Revenue Program

With our unique Revenue Program, the disposal process is the same, but we write you the check instead! That is right, UTG will pay YOU for every high tread used tire or/and used wheel your company generates.

Start generating revenue for your company, it’s easy! Keep your current disposal company for the actual waste tires and just sell us the good stuff. CalRecycle compliant manifest forms are provided at every pick up. Price paid per tire varies and will be agreed upon before starting services.

The No Cost Program


Used Tire Garage Disposal Services

Companies generating large amounts of high tread used tires can participate in our convenient No Cost program. This means, your company can ditch your tire disposal bill completely! Sometimes saving money is even better than making it.

The tire disposal process stays the same, but a UTG truck will arrive weekly or by-weekly and pick up ALL of your tires, including your high tread/dealer take off tires at absolutely no cost. CalRecycle compliant manifest forms will be provided at every pick up.

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